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As an Athlete, you have a crucial role to play in promoting fair play and safeguarding horse welfare in your sport. It is your responsibility to ensure that your horse competes without prohibited substances in its system. Whatever the responsibilities or actions of others, in the end it is the athlete who can most directly influence whether or not fair play is upheld by understanding the rules that govern your discipline, and by faithfully observing them, even when nobody is watching.

High-profile Athletes must recognise how influential their example can be for others, and accept their responsibilities as role models. This applies to their actions both on and off the horse, and in the warm-up area as well as the competitive arena.

You should be aware that, according to the Rules, the Athlete is ultimately the Person Responsible (PR) if a horse that you compete with tests positive for a prohibited substance. Other individuals may be considered as Additional PRs and could potentially be sanctioned, but even if that happens, you — the Athlete — will also be held responsible for a breach of the Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Regulations and you will be disqualified and sanctioned as well. Please read the Athlete’s Guide (available in the Download and Resource Centres), where the strict liability principle is explained in full.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that every member of your support team, including stable managers and grooms, is aware of and abides by the FEI Statutes, General Regulations and Sports Rules. Please refer them to this website for all information on Clean Sport, which is presented in an easy to understand format.

There are many elements involved in Clean Sport. It isn't just a new list of prohibited substances and a new rulebook. Integrity and better judgment are also key components and there are many other important ingredients. It's all one package and the success of this important campaign depends on everyone playing their part.

Clean Sport is everyone's responsibility. It's about fair play. It's about horse welfare. It's about best practice. It is Clean Sport. Play your part.

Please familiarise yourselves with the content of this website and visit it regularly for updates. If you need more information or guidance, please email us on or telephone FEI headquarters on +4121-3104747.