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Managers and Coaches can help promote Clean Sport and fair play by setting a good example and by discouraging disrespect for the rules or acts of discourtesy by athletes under their supervision. Older advisers clearly exert as important an influence by their example as by their instruction. You should be aware that ultimately the athlete is the Person Responsible and it is your duty to ensure that he/she does not take the ultimate blame for the irresponsible behaviour of the support crew.

Grooms have a vital role to play in ensuring the health and welfare of horses. Their well-being is in your hands. You should also be aware of the Clean Sport Campaign and make sure that all rules are adhered to.

There are many elements involved in Clean Sport. It isn't just a new list of prohibited substances and a new rulebook. Integrity and better judgment are also key components and there are many other important ingredients. It's all one package and the success of this important campaign depends on everyone playing their part.

Clean Sport is everyone's responsibility. It's about fair play. It's about horse welfare. It's about best practice. It is Clean Sport. Play your part.

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