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As an Official, it is your role is to ensure that Organising Committees implement the FEI Statutes, General Regulations and Sports Rules, and to ensure that athletes compete under fair and equal conditions. Clean Sport is a vital part of the FEI governance structure and the welfare of the horse must be the top priority for everyone involved in equestrian sport.

As an Official, you exercise exceptional authority, which in turn requires you to assume exceptional responsibilities. Your overall effectiveness, no matter what your particular duties, depends not only on your technical competence and intimate knowledge of the rules, but also on your maturity of judgment, self-control, flexibility and basic fairness and integrity. Adherence to the rules, fairness and integrity are core principals of the Clean Sport Campaign.

There are many elements involved in Clean Sport. It isn’t just a new list of prohibited substances and a new rulebook. Integrity and better judgment are also key components, as are professionalisation of officials and consistency of decisions. It’s all one package and the success of this important campaign depends on everyone playing their part.

Clean Sport is everyone’s responsibility. It’s about fair play. It’s about horse welfare. It’s about best practice. It is Clean Sport. Play your part.

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